About Marcus Hinds

Marcus has been a realtor since 1999. He is currently the President of Hinds Realty Group, Inc., a company that is thriving at times when most are closing their doors. Marcus has always had his hand in the housing industry. He founded Magic Flooring, a Home Improvement Company, while working his way through callege at Cal State Hayward. The eldest son of four siblings ,he is native to California and grew up in small towns of humble background. His father taught him that “to teach a man to fish has far move value than to give him the fish”.

Experienced in remodeling homes, Hinds built his first custom home in Walnut Creek at age 27. Hinds has helped all types of clients; from those purchasing their first starter homes to those building a real estate retirement portfolio. He currently receives personal training from “Craig Proctor Coaching” learning from the top Brokers of North America as he builds a well respected Team of his own.

His company strives on communication and in putting the clients’ needs and interests first. He believes in trust and loyalty while maintaining relationships with his win-win approach to all dealings. While providing an educational and positive experience he aims to receive a testimonial from everyone he works with. His goal is to become your Realtor for Life.