Client Reviews

Marcus: I’m Marcus Hinds and I’m here with Adina, who is a long-term client and friend and we just closed on a house in Wanda and Crockett and that property they asked four ninety there was multiple offers and at one point we were going to pay up to five hundred and ten thousand for the home and what did you end up paying for the house?

Adina: well the good news is I ended up paying four eighty, that’s great

Marcus: so, paid thirty thousand lower than what you were willing to pay for the house yeah and we beat out other offers

Adina: that was important yeah that was that was done well Marcus is great at finding out what’s the best offer to put in when to put it in how to get it in

Marcus: yeah and you bought your first house with me

Adina: I did yeah well okay our second house you our group you and the group, are really the best, because the level of attentiveness and aggressiveness to get the properties you want, get the best price if you are buying, or if you are also selling to get the highest value for your home, I think just the level of communication, knowing that you’re gonna fight thank for whatever.

Marcus:  Well thank you very much for buying another house, I am glad you get to use the moving truck.

Adina: the truck was great, perfect!

Marcus: Awesome

Marcus: Marcus Hinds here with Hinds Realty Group and I’m here with a special client special friend who bought her first house, and one thing at Hinds Realty Group is we’re always looking for good deals so not only do we have the homes that are on the open market but in Hinds Realty Group we’ve got homes before they hit the market we work with probate and estate sellers foreclosures we find the opportunities, we find deals for buyers so we’re always learning, we sit down with buyers and we learn what is their goal, what is their vision and then we help them find that perfect home it matches their price range and, I’m here with Alba who bought her first house, and especial thing about Alba is I met her dad 15 years ago and we sold her dad’s very first home and we helped her dad buy his new home over in Pinole, and Alba was about 12 or 13 years old so I’ve known her since she was about that tall and I helped her dad sell a house and buy a home and I stay in touch with all of my clients most of all my clients become our friends and we stay in touch and now I have to benefit up helping the next generation buy her first house, so Alba are you  happy with your new home?

Alba: I´m very happy, I am happy of the price that I got, and in the neighborhood that I wanted, that’s a good price range you can go to Vallejo right out there.

Marcus: so, you got to get the house in the area that you wanted to be yeah and it needs a little bit of work

Alba: it does but that was okay well that’s actually the kind of house that I wanted I know like to be able to save some money you know I kind of have to do the work yourself yeah so that’s what I already have to do the work myself but I like you don’t like save a little money

Marcus: the smart buyers at the to get the house you wanted to be in the neighborhood you wanted to be in a movie you’re going to be taking on some work some paints and remodeling yeah you know you’re gonna do this much work?

Alba: okay yeah I mean cuz like I have oh I already know like a little bit about how to fix a home I’m not that I’ve done it myself or whatever yeah yeah my dad so he kind of encouraged me you know like it looks like a lot but it’s okay yeah

Marcus: so what would you like so people are looking up for real estate aging so they’re trying to find a good company they’re trying to find someone who’s going to help them really listen to them and accomplish their goals and what’s most important – so what would you like people to know when thinking of hiring a real estate company,  what would you like them to know about  Hinds Realty Group

Alba: Well the fact that you listen of what I ask, you knew that I wanted a brand new house, you also did not push me to buy a house, i was willing to wait for the right house, i did wait and I got exactly what I wanted, so that’s what I really like, and also that you know we’ve known you for so long yeah so it’s more comfortable

Marcus: yeah is there anything else you would like people to know who are considering buying a home

Alba: yeah it’s easy, yeah I’m young and I was able to buy a house absolutely

Marcus: yeah and how are you?

Alba: 29

Marcus: 29 years old buying her first home and fixing it up so she could be the neighbor that she wants, I’m so happy you got the house.

I’m Tim and this is my family here, and just a couple of points on how we ended up on this home. It’s been a year and a half and when we first started thinking about buying a home in the Walnut Creek area we were a little doubtful and hesitant because we didn’t think we’re gonna find what we are looking for …the price…for the amount of money we want to spend…

We came across Marcus in a very funny and serendipitous way, we got introduced and he invited us into his office. He’s very well prepared. We sat down, he made a presentation, talked about how we get business. We thought that made sense to us, so we started with  the process.

And really, it comes down to a couple of things. One, does somebody know the market? I wanted to know that he understood the market, dollars per square foot, so he’s very familiar with, you know, the subject area. Two, could he negotiate a deal? And he was able to put the deal together with the seller’s agent, get our offer accepted, the one that we were able to afford. So we got the deal that we were looking for and when that deal wasn’t a sort of question at all. Three, he was willing to put his own commission on the line, and we really appreciate it. Ultimately we got the deal that we wanted to get. So it’s a pretty seamless process. And I’d say, the fourth thing is, once all that was done, being able to actually get through that stroke, close the deal in the right amount of time, get the right resources, referred us to a good mortgage broker, it all worked really, really well. So we’re in a good stop, we’ve been here a year and a half (we love our home), we love our home and all is well. (Thank you, Marcus) Yup, thank you, thank you.

Brown Family

Interviewer: Hello Mr. & Mrs. Vazquez! Just curious, you guys bought this lovely house here in Hercules, and just curious, what would you like people to know about working with Marcus Hinds and Hinds Realty Group?

Mr. Vazquez: He’s a professional, he keeps his word, he really works hard trying to plant a deal, and once he does he successfully gets along, and he’s really on it.

Interviewer: Awesome!

Mrs. Vazquez: I’ve had the pleasure of working with Marcus for many years on over several property purchases and the one thing I can say about Marcus is that, he’s very loyal to his customers, and very responsive to individual needs. And I have really enjoyed working with him, and I think he really values his customer base and their loyalty, and he also works to develop relationships, so I never felt just like a customer, I always felt like I was a valued person in his life. In  terms of having a business professional relationship.

Interviewer: Awesome! What would you like people to know who never worked with him before?

Mr. vazquez: He’s trustworthy. He’s on top of things and he push in a good way.

Interviewer: Okay.

Mrs. Vazquez: And then he cares about your customers care about. So no one’s in it alone, you’re always there with him.

Interviewer: Awesome! Anything else you could think of?

Mr. Vazquez: The man I’d work with. Trustworthy. I hope to do it soon again.

Interviewer: Awesome!

Mrs. Vazquez: As my husband said before, very professional. Not concerned just the quick sale, but with  every aspect of the real estate search and the purchase process.

Interviewer: Awesome! Very good! Thank you! I see you guys are enjoying this lovely house.

Mrs. Vazquez: Yeah, we are very happy in this house.

Interviewer: That’s the Vazquez family, happily living in their lovely home.

Vazquez Family

John: Hi, I’m here to talk about Marcus Hinds and Hinds Realty Group. They’ve helped me get through the process of purchasing my first home and in the process helped me get $57,000 in profits in the last couple years. In the last two years Marcus Hinds and his team of experts helped me purchase 4 homes, two that were primary investments that we sold and one that literally became my dream home and then another rental property. I trust Marcus, his advice and everything he brings to the table in the real estate industry. He has helped me understand the process of buying, helped me understand the process of selling, and how to make profits going through both of those processes of buying and selling in order to get my dream home.

John Hillman

Hinds Realty Group guarantees that if you don’t like the home you move into the first time, he guarantees he will sell it for free, and that’s exactly what happened to me. I bought a home from  Marcus, moved into it, realized that it wasn’t the home I wanted, and Marcus came through. He sold my home for free and he worked with me to find the home of my dreams, and it was completely stress free. I would guarantee, everything he advertises is real. Work with Marcus, he’s a good guy.

Patty Owens

Interviewer: Hello Sahag, what is it that had you hire Hinds Realty Group over everybody else?

Sahag: When you made contact, you were very honest and serious. You came to the house, you explained what to do, you gave me good advice, and you sounded like you really were here to help me out. And up until now i’ve seen that in you, that you are really honest and serious, and you are really helpful, that’s why I stuck with you!

Interviewer: Ok, Awesome!

Sahag: I’m usually not patient, but i took my time and saw that you were honest and helpful. So, I stayed with you. Signing or not signing made no difference. I don’t have to sign any papers with you, i’m going to stay with you anyway!

Interviewer: Awesome! And here’s his beautiful home!

Sahag Kasnakjian

Interviewer: I’m sitting here with Leonard Holaday at 2216 Brislecone in El Sobrante and we’re just finishing getting his house ready and he’s getting ready to hand me the keys and i just wanted to, you know #1 thank him for trusting me with his most valuable asset. Like, i really want to thank you Leonard for trusting me with your most valuable asset.

Leonard: Sure Thing!

Interviewer: At Hinds Realty Group we do sell homes for 100% of the asking price but we also help folks fix their home up, prepare it for a sale, and do the extra steps that’ll help you get top dollar. And i hope you were happy with everything we did.

Leonard: Yes, very, very happy.

Interviewer: Can i ask you a couple of question? One of them being, Why did you hire me, Marcus Hinds and Hinds Realty Group?

Leonard: Essentially because when I sat down with Marcus he was very straightforward, already had a plan in mind that we discussed, all of it sounded good, made me feel comfortable that he was going to do the best for me that he can do. That was important! Also, the extra help he could give me in the process of the sale of the house. I just felt that he was the one for me to do that. Other than that, it’s been a good experience so far.

Interviewer: Awesome! Did i do everything i said i’d do when you hired me?

Leonard: Yes! And probably one or two things extra. A little extra put in there.

Interviewer: If someone was considering hiring me and Hinds Realty Group to fix their house up to sell it and get top dollar, what would you want them to know, what would you want the public to know if they were considering hiring me?

Leonard: Well i just would want them to know, or at least from where i was at that again I felt very comfortable that Marcus and Hinds Realty Group was going to do the best for me and that just made me feel more comfortable and the expectations that i had were going to get done right and at the same time be treated fairly and with good business manners!

Interviewer: Thank you Leonard! I appreciate it!

Leonard Holaday

Ali: My name is Ali and this is my wife Sofia and we’ve been working working with Ehsan from Hinds Realty Group and it’s been an amazing experience, it’s been a month. Qe just bought a house, we’re excited about moving here, and we highly recommend Hinds!

Ali & Sofia Sharifi

For: Marcus

Thank you for your time, knowledge and patience in handling the sale of our home. We were lucky to have had you as our Broker – happy with the final sale price, rent-back we received and not having another renter next door at 842A – not to mention various issues that came up during Escrow. These were all important contingencies for us that you negotiated with the buyer.

Even with the addendums for “extensions” toward the end of Escrow, all turned out well and for that we are very appreciative!
Thanks to you and your “team” we can now move on to the next chapter in our lives.

Remembered you having one of these See’s lollipops at 842 one day. I wished I had a plate of cookies out instead. Please buy yourself whatever libation you enjoy with the enclosed gift card as a token of our appreciation.

Jim & Diana Orlich