Client Reviews

Interviewer: I’m sitting here with Leonard Holaday at 2216 Brislecone in El Sobrante and we’re just finishing getting his house ready and he’s getting ready to hand me the keys and i just wanted to, you know #1 thank him for trusting me with his most valuable asset. Like, i really want to thank you Leonard for trusting me with your most valuable asset.

Leonard: Sure Thing!

Interviewer: At Hinds Realty Group we do sell homes for 100% of the asking price but we also help folks fix their home up, prepare it for a sale, and do the extra steps that’ll help you get top dollar. And i hope you were happy with everything we did.

Leonard: Yes, very, very happy.

Interviewer: Can i ask you a couple of question? One of them being, Why did you hire me, Marcus Hinds and Hinds Realty Group?

Leonard: Essentially because when I sat down with Marcus he was very straightforward, already had a plan in mind that we discussed, all of it sounded good, made me feel comfortable that he was going to do the best for me that he can do. That was important! Also, the extra help he could give me in the process of the sale of the house. I just felt that he was the one for me to do that. Other than that, it’s been a good experience so far.

Interviewer: Awesome! Did i do everything i said i’d do when you hired me?

Leonard: Yes! And probably one or two things extra. A little extra put in there.

Interviewer: If someone was considering hiring me and Hinds Realty Group to fix their house up to sell it and get top dollar, what would you want them to know, what would you want the public to know if they were considering hiring me?

Leonard: Well i just would want them to know, or at least from where i was at that again I felt very comfortable that Marcus and Hinds Realty Group was going to do the best for me and that just made me feel more comfortable and the expectations that i had were going to get done right and at the same time be treated fairly and with good business manners!

Interviewer: Thank you Leonard! I appreciate it!

Leonard Holaday

Ali: My name is Ali and this is my wife Sofia and we’ve been working working with Ehsan from Hinds Realty Group and it’s been an amazing experience, it’s been a month. Qe just bought a house, we’re excited about moving here, and we highly recommend Hinds!

Ali & Sofia Sharifi

For: Marcus

Thank you for your time, knowledge and patience in handling the sale of our home. We were lucky to have had you as our Broker – happy with the final sale price, rent-back we received and not having another renter next door at 842A – not to mention various issues that came up during Escrow. These were all important contingencies for us that you negotiated with the buyer.

Even with the addendums for “extensions” toward the end of Escrow, all turned out well and for that we are very appreciative!
Thanks to you and your “team” we can now move on to the next chapter in our lives.

Remembered you having one of these See’s lollipops at 842 one day. I wished I had a plate of cookies out instead. Please buy yourself whatever libation you enjoy with the enclosed gift card as a token of our appreciation.

Jim & Diana Orlich

Hi! My name is Sandra Yee. I got through a difficult situation selling my house instead of it foreclosing. I had a realtor for 2 weeks, you know, he was trying to work it for me, and then, I got a hold of Marcus Hinds, and he, as soon as he stepped into the house, I’m not kidding, he had a plan, it worked, less stress on me. All I really had to do was move, which was a lot of stress, but I did, and he took care of all the banks, money, everything. And I would use him again, Yeah.

Sandra Yee

I just want to thank Marcus and the Hinds Realty Group. We just finished a very successful short sale. We’re very happy, it was so easy, and so simple. It was a great experience. Thanks! Bye!

Short Sale Testimonial for Hinds Realty Group Inc

I want to thank Marcus and the Hinds Realty Group for helping me short sale my property. It was the easiest transaction I’ve ever had. I didn’t have to do much, I give them the paperwork, sold my house in probably, a month and a half, really easy. Thank you, Marcus. Thank you, Hinds Realty Group. I really appreciate it.

Short Sale Testimonial For Hinds Realty Group

Lady: We just closed the selling of his home on Ashwood in Oakley. And Mike, why don’t you tell us how your experience with Hinds Realty Group was to this process?

Mike: Couldn’t have been nicer. Everybody was extremely helpful and made the things lot less painful than they normally would’ve been, and I’d recommend them to anybody.

Lady: Okay. And we also got you some relocation money (yeah, yeah) with your bank?

Mike: That’s for $3,000 which helped us get a place after we left here.

Lady: And you would refer your friends and family to him?

Mike: Absolutely! Without a doubt.

Lady: Great! Well, thank you. It was a pleasure doing business with you. And we look forward to a long and happy relationship with you in the future.

Mike: Good oil!


Hi! I’m Calvin Murray. Just a few thoughts about the Hinds Realty Group. My wife and I came to the Hinds Realty Group after falling behind on our mortgage payments for more than a year. What we wanted was to sell  our home through a short sale and not through a foreclosure, but it was a race against time, I mean, the mortgage company was threatening that would foreclosure. So basically, when we found the Hinds Realty Group, it was a race against time to take some decisive action. Fortunately, they rolled up their sleeves in a fashion I’ve never experienced before. Very professional, very skilled, and also caring. And we needed that caring element because showing the house at times was not possible due to my wife’s health condition, so she needed this quiet bedrest, and they were able to work with that. And so what I experienced primarily that I was really impressed by was the fact that their frontdoor promises matched their backdoor actions. And by that, I mean, even in some cases, their actions even surpass their promises. For example, when the mortgage company backed out on giving us an agreed upon a sum of money to help us with our move in expenses, the Hinds Realty Group, in a very legitimate way, worked out a plan to give us even more money to help us with our move in expenses, and did that again, all with a very professional, friendly manner. So I would definitely, highly recommend, the Hinds Realty Group to anyone who would like to work with a team that’s professional, highly skilled, and very caring. Thanks so much.

Calvin Murray

I am William Taw, the owner of the 2698 Mendocino Drive, Pinole, California residence. I have lived in that residence over numerous years, like a good 10+ years. And I want to, I mean, avoid foreclosure of my house, and I have a very good opportunity to talk to Mr. Marcus Hinds, which has the Marcus Hinds Realty Group, and he says it will  be difficult, but he says he could help me have it done. So I took his suggestion, and finally Mr. Hinds’ Realty Group did help me sell the house in a short sale, avoiding me from going foreclosure, and also helped me get a $3,000 in with the HAFA Program to help me for the relocation expenses. The group was very, very conscious and they are well educated, and very, very helpful, and always keep me up to date of how everything is progressing. So I’m very, very pleased with the help and I think for anybody that needs help like me, I would highly, highly recommend the Marcus Hinds Realty Group, they are a great one, with a well trained group and did help me get out of my troubles and my problems that I’m facing. Thank you!

William Taw

Juan, Craig Mitchell here

I contacted an AWESOME realtor I use for my clients in your area named Marcus Hinds. He is the best realtor I have ever worked with In your area and does an incredible job getting his clients into contract really really fast. He has some really creative and aggressive strategies He uses to get his clients offers accepted that I have never seen any other realtor use.

I asked him to call or email you per your request yesterday. If you really want to get into a house fast Marcus can easily make that happen for you.

I hope everything works out great for you.


Craig Mitchell